EP 255 . 01 Nov 22

Re-designing cities

With V. Ravichandar

In the episode

  1. Today we are focusing on redesigning cities using Bengaluru as a peg. In your experience how do we reimagine a city that is bursting at the seams and having a host of problems? As Pranay Kotasthane from Puliya Baazi says, Over population is not the problem but under governance is… Let us take the recent flooding as an example of the problems
  2. Why did it happen and how do we prevent future floods?
  3. Can we really redesign public spaces given their dynamic and organic nature? What would be the few axes on which this can be thought?
  4. You have engaged with multiple stakeholders involving Sarkar, Samaaj, and Bazaar in the cityscape. What are your key learnings as we reimagine the future?

About V. Ravichandar

Today we have a distinguished guest with us on Audiogyan. V. Ravichandar. Ravi is an Honorary Director at the Bangalore International Centre. He is also the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Slovenia in Bengaluru. His entrepreneurial stint was around strategy and marketing consulting through his firm Feedback Consulting. He has worked voluntarily with State and Local governments as well as civil society to improve cities. This was through the Bangalore Agenda Task Force, JN-NURM, and the City Connect platforms.

Apart from BIC, Ravi also helps run the annual Bangalore Literature Festival as part of his efforts to improve public spaces. Today we’ll be talking about his pro bono work since 2000 with the city’s hard and soft infrastructure. Thank you Ravi for giving your time and it’s a real honor to have you on Audiogyan.