EP 186 . 29 Jul 20

Inclov case study

With Kalyani Khona

In the episode

  • The basic question to set the context – What is Inclov and why? Also if you can share any number of users, stats of disabled people in India, and more…
  • In Audiogyan’s 130th episode, I met Upasana Makati. She is the founder of White Print, India’s First English Lifestyle Magazine in Braille for the visually impaired. In our conversation, we spoke about why Lifestyle. To which she said, “why can’t these people have fun while reading. Their reading texts are generally always education. Why can’t they read a joke or a poem.” Similarly, I want to ask you, why matchmaking and not support in any other way?
  • We see a lot of people saying, differently-abled shouldn’t be labeled like that. They are an integral part of our society as any person. So did you face challenges (internal & external) while making a special app for special people?
  • What is your definition of equality?
  • Can you share a few incidents which were enriching to know about these sets of people? What steps you took in the app to bring impact or provide solutions to them.
  • Any most gratifying story which needs to be shared. Especially one where a non-disabled found love in who is disabled.


  • How do these people discover such an app? What steps did you take to achieve that?
  • Were there any conscious decisions of making it accessible while designing it?
  • The app matches people based on cure availability, medical condition, level of independence, and lifestyle choices. In your talk, you mentioned manually tagging. Tell us more about it?
  • Who helped you in designing & developing it? A quick shout out maybe. ?
  • Can you also talk about Social spaces?


About Kalyani Khona

One billion people. 15% of the world’s population. World’s largest minority. They are under-served. We were disheartened. We had to do something because no one deserves to be alone. This is what is written on the about us section of Inclov.in

Today I have Kalyani Khona with us on Audiogyan. Kalyani works at the intersection of behavior x design x technology to build products. Currently, she is helping with product strategy for an early age startup in the fintech space called Jupiter. But we are here to discuss a case study of her own startup. Inclov. Kalyani is the co-founder of Inclov, the world’s first matchmaking app for people with disability and health disorders to find love. The app matches people based on cure availability, medical condition, level of independence, and lifestyle choices. I was curious to know many aspects of this project including UI and here she is with us today. There are also a few talks on Tedx and Ink, which I am adding in the show notes below.