EP 191 . 02 Sep 20

Animation and thought behind

With Debjyoti Saha

In the episode

  • What is your definition of storytelling? How has to change over time? From still images to moving images? Can you share your learnings, pros, and cons with both these ways of expression?
  • Your work seems to be quite diverse in terms of styling. Is it a conscious choice/effort or you are still exploring?
  • Do you think abstract animations and storytelling can be relatable? How? Why make such things?
  • Can you please explain your process a bit more in detail – How do you pick a topic, build a story, and then how does it manifest into a short film/movie?
  • “Animated” as a keyword can be loosely translated as “Exaggerated”. Do you think, you building a counter-narrative to the mainstream media can backfire?
  • Do you think there are leftists bhakts? I mean do you think uneducated leftist bhakts simply praise your work or do you have any other insights?


About Debjyoti Saha

Today I have Debjyoti Saha with us on Audiogyan. For those who follow him on Instagram knows his style of work and the recently gone viral series, Korona. But I am not going to introduce him by that. Debjyoti is an animator, illustrator and draws comics. His work is heavily influenced by his interactions with cities he has lived in, and it’s clear that his observations of such detail, reflects in his animated and illustrated stories. What got me interested in knowing his thoughts and work (which he himself calls) which is not very heavy on production, but has a deep-rooted thought. Well, let’s explore that with him. Thanks, Deb for giving your time and it’s a real pleasure to have you on Audiogyan.